What is the revenue from "My Brother Is a T-Rex" movingtoon?

  • DinoPOPS NFT holder ('Holders') is entitled to receive a share of the advertising revenue generated from movingtoon titled "My Brother Is A T-Rex" on POPS Anime YouTube channel ( ("Channel") from August 1, 2022 till December 31, 2025 according to the Revenue Share Ratio announced on POPS' official website (“DinoPOPS NFT Holder Revenue Share or Revenue Share”). This ratio is subject to change from time to time by POPS at its sole discretion.

How does revenue sharing work?

  • POPS will receive the Net Advertising Revenue (after YouTube share, taxes or any other fees or costs) from the exploitation of the “My Brother Is A T-Rex” movingtoon on the Channel, then calculate the Revenue Share for each Holder , and distribute the Revenue Share to the Holders personal wallet via smart contracts.

When are the cutoff dates and who are eligible to receive the revenue?

  • The cutoff dates are scheduled on 30 June and 31 December annually from August 01, 2022 to December 31, 2025. The cutoff time is 15:00 ICT. If the DinoPOPS NFT Holders sell their DinoPOPS NFT prior to the cutoff time of each cutoff date, they will lose the rights to claim their Revenue Share for the period immediately before the cutoff. Hence, the new buyers who keep the DinoPOPS NFT in their wallets till the end of cutoff time will be eligible to claim the Revenue Share for the such period. The Revenue Shares will be paid to eligible DinoPOPS NFT Holders in cryptocurrencies.

When do eligible DinoPOPS NFT holders receive the revenue share?

  • Revenue shares will be distributed to eligible NFT holders within 45 days from the end of each cutoff date.

Additional clauses or terms

  • ● Revenue share disbursed will be net of any transaction fees:
  • The Revenue Share disbursed to the Holders may be subject to any fees, commissions, royalties and other charges established from time to time, required by YouTube (with respect to POPS’ receipt of Net Advertising Revenue) and/or in the sole discretion of POPS, i.e any payment related to advertising agency commissions charged by YouTube or other agencies. The Holders’ Revenue Share is the net amount to be paid subsequent to the deduction of any taxes, currency conversion costs, transfer or remittance expenses and/or adjustments (if any). For the avoidance of doubt, Holders shall bear their own costs, expenses related to the transaction of the respective Revenue Share, inter alia, if any transaction of any Revenue Share provided by POPS to Holders herein is subject to withholding tax levied by any competent governmental authority (as may be applicable from time to time), POPS may withhold the contingent withholding tax from the relevant payment and remit the balance to Holders.
  • ● Holders will be responsible for any taxes in any jurisdiction as may be applicable:
  • Holders must bear any applicable sales and similar taxes now or later imposed or based on or resulting from its receipt of Revenue Share, and be entitled to compensating use tax or equivalent tax wherever such taxes may arise under the authority of any national, state, local or any other taxing jurisdiction. The applicable tax rate will be determined based upon the state or country where Holders are located. POPS shall not be responsible for determining the taxes that may apply to the Revenue Share’s transaction thereof.