POPS Apps and how to install?

Which platforms are POPS Applications available on?
What languages are available?
How to install POPS Application?
How can I get POPS outside Vietnam?

Your account management

Why should I create a POPS account?
How to create a POPS account?
How to login your account?
What should I do if I forget my password?
How to change my personal information (birthday, email, avatar, account name)?
Why should I provide my birthday?

POPS Stars and Unlock comics chapters

What are POPS Stars?
What can I do with POPS Stars?
How can I top up my POPS Stars?
How to unlock premium contents with POPS Stars?

Bundles, and others services

What are bundles?
How to buy bundles?
How to manage my bundles?
Giải thích giúp tôi các dịch vụ di động 3G/4G trên POPS là dịch vụ gì?
How can I use free 3G/4G data service on POPS?

POPS Kids Club Membership

Learn about Kids Club and its benefits
How to join Kids club?
Can I cancel my subscription?
How to renew my subscription?

My list

How to add content to My List?
How to replay the content saved in My List?
How to remove contents from My List?

Live stream and Live chat

What is Livestream and Live chat feature?
How to watch live-stream?
How to use Live chat?

POPS Bonus

What is the POPS Bonus program?
Learn about POPS Bonus’s benefits as an artist.
How to join the POPS Bonus program as an artist?


How to report an issue?
App won't open, respond, unexpectedly quits or shows an error
Why can’t I see some content like anime outside of Vietnam?