Information: the personal information of service users which is recognized on POPS Application.

Customers: who uses the services on POPS Application.

Policy: This privacy policy, subject to update from time to time.

Application’s privacy statement:

This Privacy Statement ("Privacy Statement") applies to the processing of personal identification information that is submitted by you or obtained from you with respect to the application in relation ("Application"). The application is provided by POPS and may be provided by another individual/entity on behalf of POPS ("Application Partner"). By using or accessing the Application, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies mentioned in this Privacy Statement.


This Policy applies to personal data that are recorded by POPS in relation to the in-app services provided by POPS.

Information collection:

We collect personal data that the Customers provides us. We may receive and store any information that the Customers send to the Application (or allows us to obtain - for example, from your Facebook account). Personal information to be collected may include full name, email address, gender, phone number, IP address, geographic location, browser information, username, demographic information and any other information as necessary, which the Customers agree to provide us so that we can provide the Application services. Such data are obtained by:

(a) Customer’s direct provision to POPS: We may directly collect information about a Customer if the Customer provides the same, for instance when a Customer subscribes to purchase chargeable content or signs up to receive messages.

(b) Automatic collection of information during Customer’s use of services on POPS Application, for example: cookies and other tools.

(c) Other sources: if a Customer permits the sharing of such information with public databases and data aggregation institutions, and information from third parties; or when they download or use POPS Application on mobile devices, information about location, information from third-party social networks, if the Customer chooses a social network to connect with POPS Application.

Use of information:

POPS use the information described in this Privacy Statement (i) internally, for the following purposes:

(a) To render provision of services, to provide Customers with products or services at their request, to proceed payments.

(b) To improve and enhance Customer's experiences on POPS Application.

(c) To evaluate the use of products and services on POPS Application.

(d) To give Customers the opportunities to join contests or promotion programs

(e) To analyse the effectiveness of content.

(f) To propose and introduce movies, television programs and advertisements that POPS deem to be of Customers’ interest.

(g) To personalize site experiences on POPS Application, at the same time to evaluate statistics on POPS activity, such as visit time of a Customer, websites which refer Customers to the Application.

In order to protect information from accidental or intentional destruction, when we remove any information from POPS services, we may choose not to either immediately remove its copies from the server or remove the information from our backup system. Each Internet-connected computer is identified by a numeric series called “Internet protocol” or IP address. When a user makes a request to the POPS’s server upon access to the site, the server will recognize the user by that IP address. This recognition does not affect any of the Customer’s personal information other than the fact that a computer is accessing POPS Application. POPS use this fact to generate statistics on global traffic and to check for any bandwidth abuse, so as to conform to legislative policies on cyber security.

Application Partner’s treatment of Customer’s personal information:

POPS may provide personal information to the current Application Partners. The use of your personal information by the Application Partners shall comply with their own confidentiality policies, rather than this Privacy Statement.

Sharing of information:

Our user’s personal information is an integral part of our business. We take all appropriate precautions as possible to secure the Customers' personal information. We do not rent out or sell the Customers' personal information to anyone (except for current Application Partners), unless otherwise required by provisions of laws or regulations of POPS’s Privacy Policy. We share Customers' personal information only in such cases as described below.

Application Partners: We will share Customers' personal information with current Application Partners (see "Application Partners" section above).

Agents: We employ companies and individuals to perform tasks on our behalf and we need to share your information with them in order to provide products or services to Customers. Unless otherwise declared by us, POPS agents do not have any rights to use the personal information shared by us for any purposes other than to assist us on need-to-know basis. Customers approve of our sharing of their personal information for the above purposes.

Franchising: In some cases, we may choose to buy or sell an asset. In such types of transaction, Customers’ information is typically one of business assets to be transferred. In case POPS’s assets are substantially acquired or where it is not certain if POPS wind up or goes bankrupt, users' information will be one of the assets to be transferred or acquired by the third party. Customers acknowledge that such transfer is possible, and any acquirer of POPS may continue to use your personal information as set forth in this policy.

Protection of POPS and Others: We may disclose your personal information when we genuinely believe that disclosure is necessary to comply with the laws; to exercise or apply our terms of use and/or other agreements; and/or to protect the rights, property and safety of POPS, our employees, our users, and/or others. This includes the exchange of information with other companies and organizations in order to ward off fraud and reduce credit risk.

Within Customer's consent: Save to the extent as set forth herein, Customers will be notified whenever their personal information is shared with third parties and they will be able to prevent such sharing.

Force Majeure Event: There are factors beyond POPS's control that may lead to Data disclosure. There is no single security system in the world that can guarantee a 100% safety. Therefore, POPS take all measures as possible but is not responsible for ensuring the Data to be in perfect confidentiality. Customers by accessing POPS Application hereby agree to this clause. However, to facilitate Customers to access their accounts and POPS’s administrators, POPS applies technology that identifies Customers as account holders and allows Customers to directly access their account. Customers are responsible for keeping their account access information confidential so as to restrict unauthorized access via Customer's computers or devices. All public or shared devices, if possible, should log out the Application when Customers finish their session. If a Customer sells or returns a computer or device with pre-installed POPS Application, he/she should log out and turn off the devices before doing so. If Customers fail to keep confidential the password or devices, or do not log out or turn off the devices, the next user may reach the Customers' account, even their personal information and Data.

Third-party applications/websites:

POPS Application may allow Customers to link to other applications or websites. Such third-party applications/websites are not under POPS’s control and such links do not constitute POPS’s endorsement of those applications/websites or services provided thereby. The privacy and security practices of third-party applications/websites linked to POPS Application are not covered by this Privacy Statement and POPS is not responsible for the privacy or content security practices of such websites. In other words, POPS disclaim any leakage of personal information from third-party applications/websites.

Third party advertisements:

POPS Application may incorporate advertisements and advertisements may contain links to other websites. Like many other websites, POPS Application sets and uses cookies to learn more about how Customers interact with content and thereby improve Customers’ experiences during their use of services on POPS Application.

Edit of personal information:

POPS allow Customers to access the following Customers’ information for viewing and in certain circumstances, updating such information. This list of particulars may vary in case the application changes.

  • Account information and user profile
  • User's e-mail address (if any)
  • Phone number (if any)
  • Linked social media account or social network profile (if any)
  • User’s preferences
  • Specific application data


POPS may retain your information for as long as it is necessary to provide you with the service. Where POPS do not need your information in order to provide the service to you, POPS retain only for so long as POPS have the legitimate business purpose in keeping such data, including to comply with POPS’ legal obligations, enforce POPS’ agreements, resolve disputes, and as long as necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

How to request for deleting your data

Request through email:
You can request deletion of your data at any time by contacting us at POPS will evaluate such requests on a case by case basis and will send you a confirmation once the information has been deleted.

Delete from Application :
In the POPS App when you are logged in to your account, you would have a "Delete Account" option. This will delete your personal data.
Launch the mobile app > Go to Your Profile > Settings > Delete Account > Confirm your request to delete

Please note: When your account is deleted, all the personal information and other data linked to it is also deleted.

Children policy:

Our products are available to children under parental control. POPS create a safe environment for our children to enjoy educational, music and entertainment content.

Changes to this privacy statement:

POPS may amend this Privacy Statement from time to time without prior notice. The use of information that we collect at the time being shall comply with the Privacy Statement in force at the time of use. If we make changes in the usage of personal information, we will notify Customers by posting a notice on our Website [insert the site address] or emailing the Customers. Users are bound by any changes to the Privacy Statement when they use or access POPS Application after such change is published for the first time.

Ways of support:

If Customers have any question or concern as regard to privacy on our Website, please send a detailed message to us at We will make best efforts to respond to Customers' concerns in a timely manner.

Customer’s consent:

Notwithstanding other provisions hereof, Customers by using services on POPS Application, agree to allow POPS to recognize, use and disclose Customers' personal information as prescribed and in compliance with this Policy. By accessing POPS Application, Customers commit to have read through and acknowledge that they understand and voluntarily comply with this Policy together with POPS Application's Terms of Use.