1. Purposes:

  • This document aims to unify and standardize the settlement of customers’ claims in relation to POPS’s products and services on the mobile application, smart TV application and website (hereinafter referred to as “POPS Application”) in conjunction with ensuring the prompt, proper and compliant actions, control and minimization of risks involved.

2. Scope of application:

  • This applies to POPS Singapore Pte. Ltd., Customer Care and other departments in coordination for settlement of Customers’ claims regarding POPS’ products and services on mobile application platform, smart TV application and website

3. Regulations on claim settlement:

  • - The time frame for receipt of claims from customers, in accordance with the regulations of POPS Customer Care, is up to 01 (one) working day from the date POPS system recognizes the claim via customer support channels such as telephone, email, media channels such as Facebook page, YouTube channel, or direct written messages.
  • - The maximum time for claim settlement is 05 (five) working days from the date of first receipt of the Customer's claim.
  • - The time and method of claim receipt applies to all working days in the week from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and holidays as prescribed by laws:
  • ● Via email: (working hours from 8h30 to 17h30);
  • ● Call centre (with audio recording, working hours from 8h30 to 17h30);
  • ● POPS’ official social media channels such as Facebook page, YouTube channel (from 8h30 to 17h30);
  • ● Support channel in POPS Application on iOS and Android platforms (from 8h30 to 17h30);
  • ● Direct written message to the Customer Care of POPS.


  • Customer Care: Customer Care Department


1. Procedure Flow Chart

2. Detailed procedure for claim settlement and receipt

  • Step 1: Customer raises inquiries/claims
  • - The Customer send claims and inquiries regarding POPS’s products and services through support channels as specified.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care
  • - Time: 01 working day
  • Step 2: Claim receipt
  • - The Customer Care team receives the claim and give feedback via corresponding support channels.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care
  • - Time: 01 working day
  • Step 3: Claim classification
  • - The Customer Care team classifies the claim so as to outline a timely support plan
  • A. Requests for advices and inquiries:
  • - The Customer Care directly advises the Customer on products, services, promotions, events, product manuals, etc., which are published on the website, POPS App, and information authorised to provide to Customer.
  • - In addition, if the Customer questions any other issue related to unpublished information or those beyond the Customer Care’s authority to provide, the Customer Care team shall discuss with internal departments and feedback upon final decision and go to step B.
  • - The Customer Care proceeds step VII after the response to inquiries is completed.
  • B. Requests for claim settlement:
  • - Taking into account the information from the Customer, the Customer Care shall classify the claim in order to set an appropriate support plan. Below are basic types of claim:
  • ● Inability to log in/log out.
  • ● Content-related claims
  • ● Errors on POPS Application and website
  • ● Claims related to payment for POPS Stars or Ads Blocking packages.
  • ● Claims related to locked chapters.
  • ● Other types of claim.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care
  • - Time: 01 working day
  • Step 4: Claim filing and settlement
  • - The Customer Care files the claim and gives feedback through the channel from which it has received the claim, and collects the Customer's personal information such as full name, phone number, log-in account, error message screenshot, payment documents, as a basis for investigation or transmittal to relevant departments for further support.
  • - Upon receipt of information from the Customer Care, relevant departments are liable to investigate and take actions, at the same time ensuring the timely response as prescribed.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care - Relevant departments
  • - Time: 01 - 05 working days
  • Step 5: Mediation and support proposal
  • - The above guidance on claim settlement is the basis for the Customer Care to answer and support the Customer via support channels.
  • - If the Customer disagrees with the support proposal of the Customer Case and asks for further actions from POPS, the Customer Care will recognize such request and further consult with relevant departments in order to reach an optimal settlement satisfactory to parties for thorough resolution of the claim.
  • - Relevant departments are responsible for a continuous support to the Customer Care until the Customer agrees with the support proposal.
  • - In case the Customer still disagrees despite further efforts of parties, POPS’s decision will be the final to complete the settlement process. Then the Customer Care moves to step VII.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care - Relevant departments
  • - Time: 01 - 05 working days
  • Step 6: Notice of settlement
  • - Upon finalization of settlement, the Customer Care directly notifies the Customer via the corresponding support channel.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care
  • - Time: 01 working day
  • Step 7: Claim closed and finished
  • - The Customer Care closes the claim.
  • - In-charge: Customer Care
  • - Time: 01 working day